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    Smoking in Movies: 2020

    Tobacco imagery in youth-rated movies still exists.

  2. FDA nicotine reduction plan announced today has promise, but timeline puts young lives at risk

    We applaud the FDA for moving forward with a comprehensive policy toward nicotine but the timeline for implementation is far too long.

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    Eliminating smoking disparities in Tobacco Nation

    More aggressive tobacco control spending paired with higher taxes targeted to areas with the highest smoking rates can effectively erase disparities in tobac

  4. FDA’s first marketing denial orders on menthol e-cigarettes underscore substantial risks menthol and flavored products pose to youth and young adults

    Truth Initiative is encouraged by the FDA's decision to issue marketing denial orders for two Logic brand menthol e-cigarette products.

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    Smoking in the movies facts

    In 2012, the US Surgeon General concluded that exposure to movies with smoking causes adolescents to smoke.

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    By the numbers: Pets and smoking

    We’ve broken down the facts and figures on the impact of smoking on our furry loved ones.

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    The culture of smoking in the military

    Former Secretary of the U.S.

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    Teen smoking drops to 7%

    … Teen smoking drops to 7% News … in grades 8, 10, and 12 reported smoking a cigarette in the last 30 … “While the improvements in the smoking numbers for just this one …

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    Played: Smoking in videogames

    Truth Initiative takes a look at tobacco use in video games.

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    Tobacco industry has fueled false claims that eliminating menthol cigarettes will put Black Americans at greater risk from law enforcement

    False claims that eliminating menthol will lead to greater risk from law enforcement for Black Americans are protecting the commercial gain of the tobacco in

  11. Ending youth e-cigarette epidemic at risk if FDA doesn’t act fast to remove flavors and fully regulate products as industry quickly innovates

    The latest NYTS data are consistent with other research which showed that youth e-cigarette use was significantly impacted during the height of the pandemic.

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    Smoking and diabetes: The connection between 2 U.S. epidemics

    Smoking and diabetes: The connection … health cessation Diabetes and smoking are two of the biggest public … connected in some surprising ways. Smoking increases the risk of …